The slim lines of the new W75 TB range and its visible and tactile surface structures have a strong emotional impact on the observer. Structures play an important role in window design, expressing the natural beauty of these materials and interacting with light in a unique way. Although both quality features are simultaneously visible to the human eye, the former is a haptic experience, while the latter evokes visual associations. The design recalls the simple, rational and sober lines of early 20th century European architecture. The system, consisting of 25 profile geometries, represents the most technologically advanced thermally insulated steel window system in our portfolio.

The elegant and slender lines of FerroFinestra W75 TB are available also in the prestigious architectural bronze, under the name of BronzoFinestra W75 TB. This noble series has been developed for projects with the highest demands. With its unlimited surface shades, architectural bronze is a living material that gives windows and doors an undisputed charm.